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Raised and wicking garden beds
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Vertical garden systems
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Who We Are
"Adelaide Vertical Gardens" is the first manufacturer of Raised Garden Beds in Australia using a new, unique material, covered polystyrene, for building traditional and vertical gardens. This unique material is a competitive alternative to traditionally used wood, metal and plastics.
We make both standard sized and customer specified raised garden beds and special planting boxes for vertical gardens that suit your needs and goals. No limits to length and width! No limits to colours! You will get what you desire.
  1. AVG
    All our products are durable, strong, and lightweight
  2. AVG
    All our products are resistant to rotting, water, solar insulation, chemicals, and termites
  3. AVG
    All our products provide effective insulation of plant roots from high temperatures
  4. AVG
    All our products are presented in standard and customer-specified sizes and colours
What We Do
  1. Raised garden beds
    Raised garden beds
    AVG makes 300 and 600 mm high standard sized and customer-specified garden beds made from special covered polystyrene boards and aluminium profiles. No limits to length and width! No limits to colours! Discounts for pensioners!
  2. Patio & pergola planter boxes
    Patio & pergola planter boxes
    AVG offers 300 and 600 mm high standard and customer-specified planting boxes, as well as, elevated planters for your patio area or verandah. No limits to sizes and colours! Affordable prices and discounts for pensioners!
  3. Vertical garden systems
    Vertical garden systems
    AVG produces products for creation of vertical gardens and "living walls" suitable for both commercial and residential clients. AVG vertical garden systems are durable, strong and, lightweight. Sizes and colours are unlimited!