ABOUT US and our services
If you're looking to build the perfect container garden - whether it's raised beds for vegetables and herbs, flower boxes along a driveway or fence, vertical gardens or pergola's living walls - we can find the best solution for you.
If you're interested in the creation of a unique, beautiful, relaxing place in your yard we will be happy to help you to implement your dream. Alternatively, you can do it yourself. With AVG products, it's easy and you don't need a garage of power tools!
Adelaide Vertical Gardens is the first manufacturer of Raised Garden Beds in Australia using a new, unique material, covered polystyrene, for building both traditional and vertical gardens. 
As a result of extensive research into the most suitable materials for gardens, we found that this unique material is a competitive alternative to those traditionally used by Australian gardeners, i.e. wood, metal and plastics.
Let us tell you about its unique qualities: excellent insulation capability, lightweight, water and chemical resistance, etc. This material is widely used in many industries around the world. Polystyrene wall panels with special covering are well-known and highly recommended by Australian professional builders and widely used in the construction of residential houses and industrial buildings. The popularity of this material continues to grow, thanks to its lightweight, insulation quality, which is very important in areas with a hot climate, like South Australia. That is why, AVG is developing a new trend of usage of this economical and effective material.
Adelaide Vertical Gardens makes both standard sized and custom specified raised garden beds, patio & pergola planting boxes, and special boxes for vertical gardens that suit your needs and goals.
All our products are constructed from special, light and stable polystyrene boards and aluminium. Our unique polystyrene boards for garden constructions is coated with a special render and reinforced with fibre glass mesh. Aluminium corners and in-line connectors make AVG garden beds, planter boxes, and vertical garden systems strong and easy to install.
  • All AVG products for home and community gardens, commercial and residential buildings, farms and plant nurseries are durable, strong and lightweight.
  • They are made from materials which are resistant to rotting, water, solar damage, chemicals, and termites.
  • They provide super effective insulation for soil and plant roots against hot temperatures, resulting in reduced water usage. This will create the best conditions for growing plants together with an increase in harvests from garden beds!
  • AVG products are presented in both standard and customer-specified sizes and colours. Length and width are unlimited! No limit in colours! You will get what you desire.
  • Affordable prices of our products are guaranteed. Special discounts for pensioners.
Adelaide Vertical Gardens provides a wide range of services:
  • Making of raised garden beds, planter boxes, and vertical garden systems from our unique, special boards; delivery within South Australia and installation services.
  • All garden services, from cleaning up your yard to planting new plants. Design and implementation of new and maintenance of established gardens.
  • Selling common and unusual plants grown with care in our home based plant nursery.
Our specialists are ready to visit your garden to discuss your needs and find the best solutions for you. Free consultation visit in the Adelaide Metro area.
As a company which highly appreciates customer satisfaction and cares about its reputation, we take pride in providing
Quality Products
Custom designs to suit your needs
A friendly professional service
Low Prices!